About Us

CCS Watchdog is a grassroots organization comprised of student
athletes, parents, schools, coaches and members of the general public
interested in bringing greater transparency, accountability and more effective
communication to the agencies that manage high school sports programs and
specifically student athletes within the Central Coast Section.

CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) manages 1.9 million
student athletes in the state of California. CIF authorizes 10 Sections to
manage everything from member schools, competition rules and eligibility for
the athletes that belong to each Section. Sections are effectively the
gatekeepers allowing access and opportunities for all high school athletics.

The Central Coast Section (CCS) manages 139 Schools,150,000
students, 65,000 athletes and 3,000 teams from San Francisco to King City. To
operate CCS receives 42% of revenue from member schools, 16% of revenue from
corporate sponsors and 42% of revenue from playoff events. Educators and
parents alike agree that participation in athletics is a critical component of
a successful high school career. Additionally, all research that has been
conducted supports that involvement in high school athletics has a positive
impact on student’s physical, mental, social and academic development. Yet,
the structure and policies of CCS have historically denied these opportunities
for many student athletes.

Since 1914 little has changed with the organization charged with
managing the athletic program for high school students in California. CIF
continues to give unchecked authority to Sections and specifically Section
Commissioners who may or may not hold proper expertise or ability to
responsibly manage the authority they are granted by CIF.

In essence, CIF and CCS get to set their rules, follow there
rules and answer to nobody except in providing an annual report to the California
State Legislator. But while Sections such as CCS seem to operate under what
appears for the most part to be a Kangaroo Court System, they are obligated to
conform to certain state laws in managing their operation and daily activities.
CCS is not exempt from laws such as the Brown Act or FERPA. So while CCS may
not appear to have the “neutral” advisory committees they claim to have or
while they may not follow proper rules of evidence or due process in their management
of schools and athletes, they do have certain obligations and do answer to the
will of the people and laws of this state.

CCS Watchdog offers an opportunity to provide information, ask  questions and insist on transparency and accountability at the CCS level without  a threat of retaliation that so many in our area seem to fear.  We invite you to bring your questions,comments and discussions and we will endeavor to get the facts. Our mission is to strive to serve the greater good of all our athletes, their families and  member schools in the Central Coast Section.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. ccswatchdog says:

    John, you are misinformed. Schools are members of CCS by obligation, but have little authority or say in the management and operation of CCS. The boards that govern CCS are Kangaroo courts and administrators are too busy to do much more than their minimum duty. Look at the history , all the same people rotating around, no new blood. Anyone speaks up in a meeting or voices a concern, they are shut down. Few have the background or desire to give CCS proper oversight. Same problem as Penn State. Just because it has been done this way, doesn’t make it right or mean kids aren’t being hurt. The Section Commissioner has been in the job over 25 years. We have term limits in every other area of public service. Tyrannical rule over athletes, schools and administrators and people unable to speak up is the legacy of this Commissioner and how well did that work for Penn State officials? . It appears that Ms. Blaser surrounds herself with people who will support her, not question her and that is always dangerous. She has given pay to people already drawing retirement from CCS -paying the same few people a large about of money; denying others opportunities to earn money in this tight economy. She has shown favoritism for her own child’s school, promoted private schools because of her own religious background and many people have contacted us stating these problems have been going on for years. Schools pay costs for CCS and about $800, 000 of the annual CCS budget goes to the Commissioner , her staff and their expenses. Less than $100,000 is actually spent on CCS championships or actually benefits athletes. We think sponsors should know that before they give their money. Sponsors of the programs surrounding the Penn State deal were not getting what they thought they were. Most worrisome is how personal bias in the investigation of claims may be. We have evidence that supports CCS has aggressively gone after some schools and athletes for minor infractions while at the same time ignored larger violations of other schools and coaches where personal bias may be present. That is actually criminal. So no John, the administrators are fairly helpless to have any say , despite the appearance that they should, and the management of CCs is definitely a problem. In fact many administrators who have contracted us are fed up with CCS conduct and the costs they pass on while schools struggle with record deficits and just trying to keep athletics available for kids. Many don’t think the Commissioner should enjoy the salary and perks she enjoys while continuing to preside over escalating legal and accounting costs. The facts are she is paid a great deal of money, yet passes on significant expenses to schools for legal and accounting fees cased by mismanagement. If some of these issues ramp up to criminal or large civil case, schools will not just pay a lot for her to do a bad job, they will pay even more to dig CCS out of the mess she allowed or created. We have documents, testimony and verified evidence that supports CCS is both participating and allowing misconduct within CCS that jeopardizes sports for all kids from San Francisco to King City. Our greatest concern is how many kids are being hurt in the process. We have people considering if they should come forward, you can read how the Commissioner has tried to accommodate that. Sounds like Penn State there too. Are we going to stick our heads in the sand and go back to business as usual? We will report facts from verified information, you sound like you have another interest to serve, but thanks for commenting!

  2. John A says:

    You are misinformed about the CCS operation and commenting on things based on this information. And if you want any credibility at all, making comparisons to Penn State will not get you very far. In fact, you are foolish as that was a very serious issue that you are using to compare to complaints that are mostly from parents that cannot deal with some basic rules, in place because the schools’ put them there.

    You obviously are way too emotional about something that it not that big of a deal. And that you would make analogies to child molesters shows how out-of-touch you are. Too bad, as maybe you have some valid concerns, but are lost in your own over-the-top emotions.

    Find something better to waste your energy on. You obviously have issues.

    • ccswatchdog says:

      Since “John” has repeatedly tried to make his comments we allowed this one. It is clear that “John” may have misplaced loyalties to CCS or CIF as he is clearly defensive and emotional over a group that is seeking greater transparency of an organization that impacts millions of youth in the state of California. The only people who would be threatened by our requests or inquiries are people who know misconduct may be present or uncovered by this process. Remember how the Penn State coach acted when initial complaints surfaced? Similar rants as John: attack those who try to bring valid issues forward ! We don’t believe attention should be on the victims, rather attention should be on the issues to see if they have merit. And yes, the abuse complaint should be emotional. If institutions charged to protect and provide for our youth are protecting misconduct in any form, that needs to be addressed. We have told CCS officials we have knowledge of such case and have asked for an opportunity to bring matters forward in an acceptable way and CCS officials have refused to cooperate, just as Penn State officials had for many years to preserve their precious football institutions. It is not that difficult to provide a fair and neutral procedure to file a complaint of potential abuse, no such procedure exists or has been offered by either CIF or CCS. So yes, here in our own high school sports programs, we have the possibility of abuse occurring just as it was allowed for so many years at Penn State.
      Ironically, USA Today’s front page story about Penn State claims the institution is now shifting focus to ensure academics priorities will now be placed ahead of football. Isn’t that the way it should have always been? We think so and will continue to strive to ensure that happens here in high school sports, even if it is uncomfortable for those very few who have been in charge for so very long. We think it is always worth the energy to protect children and their opportunities.

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