Principal Charged with Failing to Report Sexual Abuse- Are CCS Officials Headed for Jail Too?

The AP and San Jose, CA newswires are buzzing and the slow wheels of justice are turning. For many years parents, students and athletes have complained about sexual abuse in our schools and sports programs. Administrators, principals and sports officials who are legally obligated to report such abuse have failed to do so. They see and they hear, and they do nothing.

Now a San Jose Judge has said that is not reasonable and can’t be tolerated. Good for Judge Ryan. Time and time again we see officials charged with protecting our students and athletes do nothing. They collect huge salaries and go on their way to merry pensions, while students miss opportunities, have lasting scars and are denied protection they deserve. Every official in CCS should walk the walk. Set a zero tolerance policy and stick to it. Don’t allow coaches and refs to get out of line and for those who can’t manage better- RESIGN and give up the pension! Any CCS/ CIF official or administrator who fails to act for even one child should not only lose their job, they should go to jail and today’s ruling in San Jose has made that far more likely.

Jerry Sandusky may have changed things. Top college administrators and officials, event athletic directors are all starting to be held accountable, and now we see a slow chipping away here in our own San Jose , CA.

We know CCS and CIF officials have had information before them that indicated sexual, physical and verbal abuse is likely present and wide spread in high school sports, but they have done nothing . They have acted only to protect the institutions and rules that are flawed and that do little for students those institutions are charged to serve.

We hope this new case sends a message, we hope officials and administrators take note: YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING!

Link to case coverage:


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