New Transfer and “ Sit Out” Rules Are Dangerous for Athletes and Member Schools- Are they Constitutional?

The CIF has implemented new transfer and “Sit Out “ rules that serve  to further   limit athletic  opportunities for California high school  students, add to member school and coaching administrative burdens and grant too much subjective authority  to overreach into what should be  private family decisions.

The CIF and its Sections should not have entrance or ability to judge academic issues,  member school enrollment policies or decisions made by families in the best interest of their children. The CIF should address enrollment policies of member schools as a consideration of accepting a school into the CIF, not policing those policies on an individual basis when later considering student transfers. If a student is enrolled in a CIF member school, that student should be afforded the same athletic opportunities of other students enrolled in any CIF member school. Transfer rules limiting those opportunities are clearly inequitable and likely unconstitutional. Furthermore, no CIF official has the ability or expertise to properly address academic , safety or economic decisions made by  individual families in the best interest of their children. The CIF should only make determinations based on a universal and measurable standards , such as school accreditation or  student GPA requirements .

The new “ Sit Out “ rules will add to administrative burdens of schools and coaches and will lack equity for individual students. Athletic opportunities should  not be based on administrative  and adult management issues that are beyond an individual  athlete’s  oversight or  control. A team or individual athlete should not face possible sanctions, lost competitions or eligibility restrictions if a coach or member school does not properly manage the new Sit Out Rule.

The CCS Commissioner, Nancy Blaser has historically demonstrated a willingness to sanction schools and eliminate athletic opportunities based on her subjective review and personal bias. These new rules will give her more authority to continue to do so and leave the possibility that individual student athletes will be denied athletic opportunities based on that authority and the new CIF “ Sit Out “ transfer rule.

It is time to remind CIF and CCS that they are charged to manage sportsmanship, competitions and ensure the coaches and CIF officials manage our student athletes with the highest degree of integrity, accountability and transparency. ,   It is time for CIF and CCS to get out of member school policies and private family business.   It is time for CIF and CCS to get their own house in order .


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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