CCS Eligibity – Hot Topic

Here we invite you to share personal experiences. Get an infamous Nancy Blaser nasty letter? Your school officials can’t help? Maybe we can. We  are in the process of compiling a list of decisions and comments from CCS that will shock you. Clearly Customer Service is not a requirement or consideration at CCS! Call the office and nobody will talk to you?  Talk to someone on a committee who should know and doesn’t? Let us find out. We have a legal advisory group that can help you. CIF and CCS have benefited from claiming these matters are “personal” and therefore avoided  transparency and proper  oversight on eligibility issues for years. They won’t  tell what is going on, but we can talk to each other!  The more people know,  the more we can demand change to ensure all eligibility  cases are treated fairly, with integrity  and without bias.


One Response to CCS Eligibity – Hot Topic

  1. CCS Watchdog says:

    Thank you to the families that have stepped up to share their stories. We have heard from people impacted as far back as 2000. We hear you, we understand the impact this has had on kids in the Central Coast Section and we are working on the big picture. For those of you who are currently struggling with an elgibility case, let us know the basic details and maybe we can point you in the right direction so your child has a fighting chance!

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