What is CCS Doing with our Money?

On 10/10/11 we made public requests for information realted to the revenue and expenses at CCS. How much does the Commissioner make? What do other CCS officials earn?  How much is spent on fancy lunches ? How much is spent on travel in general? How much is spent on legal fees that gets passed on to member schools? We will find out and post it here!


3 Responses to What is CCS Doing with our Money?

  1. ccswatchdog says:

    On Friday, October 21, 2011 the CIF attorney replied they could not answer our questions because CCSWatchdog did not meet the legal definition of a “member of the public” and therefore CIF/CCS officials were not legally compelled to provide information. We have a member requesting information as well and have been notified that some financial information related to CCS has been provided. We are also seeking information related to who has the ultimate responsibility for CCS finances. It appears that for over 20 years representatives on the Board of Managers and the Executive Board have failed to control the spending and escalating costs for the CCS office and Commissioner’s compensation. We have found multiple examples of possible misappropriation and even fraud that expose member schools to significant financial risks. We are conducting further investigations as we also believe that a number of school sanctions, tournament and eligibility decisions may be entangled in these issues as well. We understand the magnitude of this outcome on member schools, student athletes and local communities and are attempting to address the matter fairly and with transparency.

  2. ccswatchdog says:

    It should be noted that October and November legal fees for the Central Coast Section were up over 400% and December was up over 150% ( when the Section is closed for half the month). What are they hiding? Does this correlate to issues raised by the August 2010 Calper report or is it because people have started to ask questions? Why do they suddenly need to spend so much money on lawyers? Funny how those months also correlate to the same time people started to ask what is really going on with CCS finances. How much can schools afford to spend in legal fees for CCS to keep breaking its own rules and ducking transparency? And look at the timeline of when we started to ask questions and insist on financial transparency.

  3. ccswatchdog says:

    CCS Watchdog is aware that legal fees for CCS continue to increase, however CCS has failed to post the monthly numbers on their website . Are January numbers for legal and accounting fees up more than 400%? CCS is now failing to disclose financial information as required by law.

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