Questions and Answers

Neither CCS nor CIF offers an opportunity for public comment.They offer no real transparency or communication to the millions of stakeholders they are charged to serve.  Q and A found on CIF or CCS websites  are not really intended to assist athletes, families or school officials. Rather, it is intended to explain unfair policies and help justify questionable decisions. Here we invite you to question and  comment away, yes someone from CCS may see it, but as they frequently like to claim when they fail to respond to their stakeholders:  they have no legal control over our free speech and comments. Please do not include specific names, unless they are a public, or CCS  official names , only postions,  and please keep comments respectful and truthful.


3 Responses to Questions and Answers

  1. ccswatchdog says:

    Question through our email realted to dealing with CIF and elgibility. Parents want to understand if they have a right to transfer if a school has been formally identified as underperforming. Investigating further details as CIF has addressed this issue and established guidelines.

  2. ccswatchdog says:

    Question through our website realted transfers allowed based on bullying. We have seen everything from bullying so excessive that police reports are filed to coaches and school administrators harrassing students and CIF/CCS still have not allowed transferes. A new state law goes inot effect in July 2012 realted to bullying. As required by their reationship to the California Department of Education CIF will have to address this issue as they have for non-performing school issues. However, any student with a claim before this time will not likely benefit by having a transfer allowed. Shame on CIF and Sections- no wonder how PEnn State got out of control with people like this abandoning common sense and the real best itnerest of kids. Sad that CIF and Sections have not done the right thing in the best interest of kids until they are forced to by law.

  3. ccswatchdog says:

    Over 300 emails have flooded into our site recently with questions related to how to address abuse or safety issues related to student athletes. This is a wide spread CIF issue. From parents concerned about how coaches are addressing head injuries , sideline physical injuries and abusive bullying that is witnessed by peers and adults, students and parents clearly want these issues addressed. CCS Watchdog is helping a number of families address these issues under the scope of the new anti-bullying legislation that will be in effect this next school year. Member schools will need to take note that the protections in this law will apply to sports programs. Perhaps this is how we are going to change our high school sports culture for the better. Administrators take note!

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