Wheels of Justice Turn for Sandusky – Waiting for Trickle Down to High School Sports

Is Jerry Sandusky just the tip of the iceberg?  Tonight we celebrate  the  Sandusky verdict and recognize this verdict may be to college and high school sports  what  the 2002 Boston abuse cases were to the Catholic Church. We hope victims of sexual , physical and psychological abuse feel a small reason to hope this evening and we hope the message that society will  no longer look the other way when children are harmed starts to resonate throughout  sports organizations everywhere. Most of all we hope Mr. Sandusky lives a very long life in prison where his fellow inmates can help reinforce the message that perhaps big scary men showering with smaller men is not as innocent as Mr. Sandusky would have us believe. We applaud every victim who spoke out.  This case has surely opened old wounds and disrupted victims’ lives yet again , but the verdict  clearly rewards their courage  and will benefit children for generations to come.

Shame on Mrs. Sandusky. No love or marital obligation can be that blind. From children screaming in her home and what she must have endured with her adopted son to what she heard during this trial , if she still believes in her husband’s innocence, she is just as guilty as he is and should be charged as an accessory.  Shame on every person who suspected and said nothing, we hope the wheels of justice will spin their way as well.  Somehow knowing those people have to live with the fact they didn’t speak up is simply not enough.

Mr. Sandusky’s behavior is not as rare as we would hope. The verdict tonight gave a whimper to the voices of countless victims who are abused in the name of sports every day. Right here in CCS we have had families report physical, sexual and psychological abuse and we have seen administrators , CCS officials and coaches continue to look the other way. We have seen CIF and CCS make no effort to bring these matters forward. The fact that people in CCS know or suspect child abuse and remain silent is no longer acceptable.  How many children will suffer and how long will it take until sports programs and coaches no longer have the opportunity to abuse children in a manner we don’t tolerate anywhere else in society. Tonight we are closer to closing that loophole and addressing that problem.

We hope it doesn’t  take 10 years to clean up sports programs as it has to start cleaning up the Catholic Church, but we hope the Sandusky case will ripple through sports programs to benefit and protect all children sooner  than later.  We hope those in CCS who have tried to file complaints, but have been blocked by Ms. Blaser and CIF officials will not be deterred. We hope someday Ms. Blaser and other CCS officials will have to face the music as those who protected Jerry Sandusky are about to.


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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