Did the CCS Commissioner Approve a Varsity Transfer to Improve the Value of Her Home?

It is a widely accepted that communities with good schools and good athletic programs garner higher house prices than communities with lower performing schools and sports programs.  So it shouldn’t be lost on the CCS community that a highly visible star football player has just transferred from Hollister to Morgan Hill, where CCS Commissioner, Nancy Blaser has lived for over 20 years. Certainly  Ms. Blaser has noticed the decline in her home’s value in recent years , but did that fact enter in her consideration and approval of  Michael Bocksnick’s transfer just prior to his senior year and final high school football season?

CIF and CCS continue to fail to address and manage critical conflicts of interest that are so flagrant that they would never be tolerated in any other area where public funds are used. Did Ms. Blaser recuse herself when considering Michael Bocksnick’s transfer since she owns  property in the community that would certainly benefit from the transfer approval?  Did Ms. Blaser  investigate the Bosnick family move with the same fever as she has historically investigated other CCS families?  If the issue were to become part of a public lawsuit could CCS show it handled and investigated all transfers equitably?

Hollister’s football team will surely miss Michael Bocknick next year and Morgan Hill is elated to have him. Maybe Morgan Hill will finally celebrate a winning football season and being the home to the CCS Commissioner.


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3 Responses to Did the CCS Commissioner Approve a Varsity Transfer to Improve the Value of Her Home?

  1. Glass Houses says:

    Its interesting that this post appears so concerned about violations of CCS transfer rules, however does not address the obvious violations of the CCS rules by Hollister’s football team. If the above post is suggesting that CCS look into the validity of the transfer in question, perhaps the CCS should look into the off season practice schedule of the Hollister football team. The Hollister football program clearly violates CCS off season practice rules.
    What is the saying about people who live in glass houses?

    Additionally, it is absolutely asinine to purpose that one high school football player can single handedly change the economic/housing situation in a city. If that is the case, why was Hollister not immune to the housing recession when Michael Bocksnick lived in Hollister? The accusation that the CCS commissioner has approved of a transfer to improve her homes value is ridiculous and the mere idea that a single student can change the economy is equally ridiculous.

    I am in no way involved or affected by this transfer. The only reason I address this post is to point out how ridiculous the arguments of the original poster are. This site should be for factual, real concerns involving fairness. It seems as though this was written by someone associated with Hollister who is bitter that they are losing a solid player.

  2. ccswatchdog says:

    The original post on this issue does state the facts and points to some of the very issues the commenter raises: CCS is not managing the important issues equitably.

    FACT: Ms. Blaser has not investigated all transfers in the same manner for the past 20 years. If a transfer request is related to where Ms. Blaser owns property, where her husband is employed or where her children attend school, the request is likely to have a better outcome. Ms. Blaser simply did not investigate this case as she has others.

    FACT: Ms. Blaser has had substantial and credible evidence , in addition to multiple opportunities to act and appears not to when she has an association or interest that could be negatively impacted by her decision. In Gilroy, she received evidence that the principal of the new Christopher High School has violated multiple CIF rules, is aware of improper enrollment of students ( who should be attending Gilroy High) and is aware that Christopher High coaches routinely recruit from Gilroy middle schools and Gilroy High , yet the Commissioner does nothing. It is interesting to note the Commissioner has personal connections to members of Christopher High AND Christopher High’s removal from the MBL certainly would have had a negative impact on the Commissioner’s own daughter’s sports schedule at a critical college recruitment time. Is that why the Commissioner has simply not acted on Christopher High or the Gilroy School District? She certainly hasn’t acted on this district as she did on Salinas High when her husband coached for one of Salinas High’s main rivals. That is a fact!

    FACT: Despite strong language related to practice schedules, all schools run their football program year round. They just use other coaches to run “clinics” or spring practices just as Hollister and Morgan Hill are both doing. They also use those as opportunities to “recruit ” kids and that usually stays under the radar unless it is raised in a transfer eligibility request. Did this transfer raise recruiting or practice schedule issues that Ms. Blaser didn’t act on because her home is located in the community where the athlete was ultimately approved?

    CCS governance should not be about if you know, pray with , ride horses with or financially contribute to the CCS Commissioner’s economic interests, you get better treatment . All athletes should have the same opportunities and all schools should be have equal oversight and enforcement , regardless of the Commissioner’s personal interests.

    If the new Morgan Hill quarterback followed all CIF rules when his family moved to Morgan Hill, if the CIF managed the conflict of interest of the Commissioner as it may have related to the transfer and if the Commissioner investigated this move as she has all other transfers in the past 20 years, then this is not an issue. But the facts , evidence and reports do not indicate everything is in fact in order.

  3. Vance Whittier says:

    There are two things about the original post that are upsetting.

    (1) The author did not exercise good judgement by consistently referencing the name of the athlete (who is a child) and his family. The athlete and his family don’t deserve to have it implied by the author that there was an impropriety that was overlooked by the CCS Commisioner. People move all the time to a variety of communities for a variety of reasons. Does the author assert then that Morgan Hill is off limits for families with athletes because there would be some shenanigans going on by default?

    (2) Home values? Seriously? To infer that decisions about high school sports (remember people, it is amateur sports we are talking about here for heaven’s sakes) have an impact on the valuations of housing in a community is a very desperate reach to validate a really weak argument about fairness of CCS transfer decisions. Is the CCS fair in all of their decisions? Who knows, but it is beyond extreme to think that home prices is one of the “unwritten” criteria.

    If you have a problem with the procedures and policies of the CCS then by all means vent away as apparently that was the impetus for creating this interesting website, but don’t throw the names of innocent people (especially children) around to try to validate your arguments.

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