What Happens when School Districts Cheat on Enrollment Rules to Benefit Athletic Programs?

For years private schools have benefited from enrollment flexibility within CCS, that same flexibility is not afforded  to CCS public school members.  Since student enrollment has been at the heart of eligibility, competition and employment issues in both CCS and CIF for well over 30 years , it has clearly given private schools and their athletes an athletic advantage. This single issue has cost CCS member schools, families and athletes hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Coaches have been fired, students have been denied athletic opportunities and schools have been  burdened more by managing enrollment issues than any other single issue in high school sports.

Nancy Blaser has ruled on enrollment issues within CCS with an iron fist.  After notoriously stripping schools and students of eligibility on the basis of enrollment issues for the past 20 years , she appears to be suddenly deviating from her hard line position. Is the change based on her possible bias for private schools having been recently vetted , or because her youngest daughter is now graduating and Ms. Blaser no longer has a personal interest in gatekeeping kids that compete with or against her daughters?

Some say changes realted to enrollment issues in CCS are  long overdue and welcome, and they are. But what about those who are cheating now or those who were severely penalized before?  While the issue works its way through the long CCS process, what about the evidence Ms. Blaser has received in recent years related  to these very issues? How has CIF and CCS managed her potential conflicts of interest ?

While we applaud any new rules related to equitable opportunities and enforcement of enrollment of all athletes in CCS, we find the timing of this issue concerning. Just like concussion rules and policies, new rules  and policies related to  enrollment issues are long overdue. We wonder if such issues had been addressed sooner how many athletes and schools would not have been improperly denied athletic opportunities.

The rules remain  on the books, CCS should remember  its obligation to enforce all rules equitably until they are changed. If a school district is cheating on enrollment and recruiting, it is likely cheating other places as well.  If the  Commissioner’s conflicts of interest are not properly managed in one area, they are not likely properly managed in other areas.


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Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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