CCS Legal Fees up over 400% – Why do they need so much legal advise?

CCS legal fees were up over 400% in both  October and November in 2011. Maybe it is time to look at what CCS is actually doing with our member school money.  They spent more on legal fees than on athletes, is that what they are supposed to be doing? Escalating legal fees usually indicates something is amiss. As schools struggle to even be able to offer athletics, as schools are forced to cut team transportation, who is minding the financial store for the Central Coast Section and how well are they doing it? Are term limits being enforced as required or are the very same few people getting financial gain and other benefits?    Are the governing committees holding staff accountable as they should or is there just too much personal bias or too many incestuous  relationships within  the Section to manage its finances properly?  Is anyone  questioning legal fees and the wisdom behind expenditures as families and businesses have been forced to do? And who actually stands to gain from money spent by CCS? School districts have gotten into hot water for letting legal firms steer them wrong. Legal firms obviously stand to gain if long drawn out legal disputes occur, but how do schools and athletes gain on this?  CCS  Watchdog is looking into who us managing CCS and member school money and if that is being done properly. Right now transparency isn’t there and that will likely prove to be a problem.


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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