Veil Should be lifted on Organizations and Individuals Who Protect Abusive Coaches

Today’s San Jose Mercury article brings attention to the “side effects” of the Penn Case and suggests it lifts a veil on abusive coaches

However, we have seen that the veil cannot truly be lifted until it is lifted on the organizations , individuals and institutions that provide a safe haven for coaches who have the potential and ability to abuse youth who participate in athletics. If any good is to come of the Penn State case, we hope it will not be in the form of more victims being urged to come forward, but rather in tightening laws and bringing more scrutiny to a culture where abuse is suspected , observed and allowed to thrive. Victims should not have to come forward to get this done. It is time for highly compensated individuals to be held more accountable and responsible for protecting our youth. It is time to allow volunteers to safely bring matters forward. It is time to create a structure and culture where victims have more protection than abusers. It is time to enforce the mandates to report rather than let issues be swept off a busy agenda because they are vague or uncomfortable. This is endemic in all youth sports programs whether it is discussed , regulated or enforced, or not . It is time to make it stop and change the culture.



About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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