Are CCS- CIF Officials Breaking California Sex Abuse Reporting Laws?

California has very specific laws that attempt to prevent potential sex abuse of minors. Such laws are necessary as people who abuse children lack internal controls for various reasons, so external controls become even more   critical and necessary to protect our youth.
In theory, the CIF /CCS structure offers a sound external control to protect minor children from abuse as they pursue athletic opportunities.  However, if individuals involved in the organization fail to act properly or ignore their legal obligations, then they in fact fail to  provide those external controls.

Under Penal Code Section : 11165-11174.3 – every individual associated with  either CCS or CIF  in any capacity has a legal mandate to report the following:

  1. Physical injury  inflicted by other than accidental means on a child
  2. Child Sex abuse ( huge range of definition )
  3. Willful cruelty of unjustified punishment
  4. Unlawful corporal punishment
  5. Neglect- including acts of omissions harming or threatening to harm the child’s welfare

We have seen evidence that on numerous occasions CIF /CCS officials and individuals involved in the organizations have failed to report as legally obligated. We have also seen  CIF and CCS officials retain legal services to prevent the  disclosure of information that should be readily available under the Brown Act and obstruct  complaints related to sex abuse from being properly filed with either organization. We find these acts of placing the interests of the institutions over the safety of the minor children deplorable.

It has been clearly conveyed to CCS and CIF on numerous occasions that abuse is present and assistance was requested to properly bring the matter forward. The requests have been denied or ignored. When the school involved was asked for a formal procedure to allow a report to be made, no answer was given. When CCS was asked for a policy that would provide for victims to come forward without facing possible retaliation or lost opportunity, no policy was provided. When families objected to the informal complaint process that was offered based on the fact that the process itself demonstrated a conflict of interest, no other assistance was provided by CCS or CIF officials.

In the meantime, CIF and CCS continue to rack up substantial legal bills defending a flawed structure and misconduct of their employees. These legal bills will of course be imposed on member schools that simply do not have the funds available to pay for such negligence.

Based on the events that have unfolded in the Penn State case, we find it unconscionable  that CIF and CCS officials would obstruct any information or individual that wished to bring forward information that sex abuse may be present in either organization.

Below is a link to assist those in the organization with information which  may not have been be properly provided  by CIF and CCS during the course of employment or association with the organizations.


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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