California Lawmakers called to help prevent sex abuse in high school sports and athletic programs

We applaud the efforts of two California lawmakers to propose tougher laws that would protect minor athletes in the state of California and we call on lawmakers in Northern California across both party lines to join them! While State Sen. Juan Vargas recently stated that his efforts were to ensure that California didn’t have another issue like Penn State, we submit that it probably already does and we need to  change the structure and culture that makes sex abuse in high school athletics possible. The structure and culture created by the individuals currently in charge of high school athletics is toxic and flawed. We are aware of too many cases where people looked the other way o r failed to act in the absence of a law requiring them to do so. It is unfortunate that laws are required to make people do the right thing.

Currently, coaches  have an obligation to report,but rarely do and the culture of sports seems to encourage them not to,  parents have no entrance to report and the code of the kids is to keep silent so they have their opportunities to play. Shame on every adult that knew something could be possible and did nothing. Shame on every individual who  was silent and let the culture and management of our high school athletics create a place not only where abuse is likely, it is present. We are aware of four complaints about to be filed with CIF and CCS. We hope the governing boards and individuals who become aware of these complaints will act properly and address the hard issues instead of allowing the current culture and historical behavior of existing management to continue.

As the focus and attention in the Pen State case intensifies on the coach and victims- we have to ask …….. How many other people knew or thought it was possible and failed to act? How many more victims are out there that simply cannot come forward? And how many similar stories are going on here in high school sports in CIF’s Central Coast Section.


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2 Responses to California Lawmakers called to help prevent sex abuse in high school sports and athletic programs

  1. Upfrontmen says:

    This is really sad that the coaches and parents are keeping this sexual abuse quite and not willing to expose the sex criminals for what they are is sick. This type of behavior is just wrong blackmailing these children to have and opportunity to play. The Penn State thing goes back to the 90’s when the coach was first accused of sexual misconduct and nothing was done back then is why this has continue at college something should have been done back then to prevent this from happing now. Parents need to step up and start parenting their children and the adults need to stop taking advantage of our children.

    • ccswatchdog says:

      Thank you for your comments. We have seen parents and coaches try to come forward and essentially be peer pressured, bullied or retaliated against by individuals entrenched in educational institutions and the organizations charged to oversee high school athletic programs. We have seen too many occasions where the individuals within these organizations simply ignore their legal and moral obligations and consistently fail to act in the best interest of children. The culture and structure of the institutions themselves allow them to do so. This is a tough deal to throw exclusively on parents. Parents should have an expectation that in sending their children to educational institutions and allowing them to participate in sports, that their children will be safe from sexual abuse. Many children never tell their parents what is going on. The shame a victim feels can overshadow the strongest bonds and relationships. Even when parents do know, most will simply not allow their child to come forward and endure the process involved with filing formal charges. It is appalling to watch individuals struggle to bring a matter forward and officials fail to assist them in doing so. That is what happened at Penn State and that is what has happened here in our high school sports programs. People didn’t want to hear it. People were too busy to deal with it. People were uncomfortable with the subject. It happened at Penn State for over 10 years and will continue to happen and be possible in high school athletics until we insist we always act in the best interest of children. How do we weigh the worry of false accusations over doing the right thing for children? We may never be able to answer that, but surely we can do better than we are doing now.

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