Complaints of Abuse, Misconduct and Obstruction Soon to be Filed

For two months CCS Watchdog has been trying to assist individuals  in filing complaints related to  misconduct both within the CCS organization and as enabled by CCS officials.  One complaint involves alleged abuse of minor female athletes by a coach who remains actively involved both in a CCS member school and within the CCS organization.   In the alleged abuse case, CCS could have acted on recruiting and eligibility issues related to 8th grade students such that the coach’s activities would not be allowed to continue, however, CCS failed to act on this coach and he has continued in his capacity both at the member school and with increasing authority in the CCS organization. Additionally, evidence in this compliant will demonstrate  CCS has acted without equity  in their enforcement of CIF policies on member schools , using their subjective authority to do so, and may have in fact tainted both CCS Championships and unfairly managed athletic opportunities for all schools and athletes in the Section .

In a second complaint individuals have attempted to report that the Commissioner herself may have acted improperly when her own child participated in sports which the Commissioner was responsible for overseeing. Did the Commissioner’s daughter or teammates and friends get more visibility or favorable calls at the expense of more deserving athletes? If the Commissioner’s daughter had more access to college recruiters or scholarships, that would have ultimately been for the Commissioner’s personal gain as a parent and would constitute criminal misconduct at best. CCS has ignored our requests to provide transparency to assure that such misconduct could not have taken place, that a Chinese Wall is in place to prevent the appearance of such misconduct.  And when individuals have tried to prepare complaints, they have been forced to deal with the Commissioner herself who has responded in a forceful, retaliatory and intimidating tone; discouraging complaints from being filed.  Evidence suggests  that such misconduct did take place and that the Commissioner additionally used her authority to intimidate member schools and individuals from coming forward to report it.

Finally, CCS Watchdog has tried on numerous occasions to contact CIF and CCS officials requesting additional information that would support at least three separate claims. The organizations have  repeatedly stalled, hired lawyers and failed to “assist” in providing the information as they are legally obligated. Thus, both CIF and CCS have deliberately obstructed CCS watchdog’s ability to file a proper compliant.   In addition to complaints that will be filed directly with CCS and CIF, CCS Watchdog is aware that complaints are being prepared to file with several Grand Juries in multiple counties within the CCS   region. If the complaints are investigated properly, the abuse and even criminal conduct will become publically exposed; CCS and CIF actions in attempting to obstruct this process will certainly come to light as well.

When the complaints are filed with CCS and CIF, we will remind the boards and committees of how Penn State’s failure to act on informal complaints and their failure to provide a fair and neutral procedure for complaints to be filed has resulted in years of more abuse to countless victims and has jeopardized not only the integrity of the sports programs, but the educational institutions as well. We remind individuals to speak up for right, not to preserve flawed policies, institutions or individuals who may be acting improperly. Our high school programs feed the collegiate programs and it is up to our Section and state organizations to see to it they are managed properly,  fairly and with integrity.


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Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

One Response to Complaints of Abuse, Misconduct and Obstruction Soon to be Filed

  1. ccswatchdog says:

    CCS Watchdog has been surprised by the volume of emails received since our last post. We have members who have made countless requests and tried to work with CCS officials, but rather than cooperate and provide a process that will ensure no retaliation to victims or individuals filing complaints, CCS has armed up on lawyers and stuck to poor policies instead of doing the right thing. Our voice is helping others come forward, our efforts will help matters be brought to the grand jury or IRS, but several emails continue to indicate the media and others , with perhaps questionable intentions or loyalties , have aggressively sought to move the discussion to the victims or individuals within CCS Watchdog. We remind CCS and CIF officials that the issues that were brought out at Penn State were based on years of individuals being kept form coming forward and the process of protecting young people being obstructed for the sake of protecting institutions and individuals acting for those institutions. We also remind CCS officials of the “John Doe” effect. A victim or person filing a complaint is to be protected and encouraged to expose flaws in a system that may need to be corrected before others are harmed; not discouraged from coming forward. CCS Watchdog is committed to maintaining the anonymity of the victims and in assisting individuals with their options for coming forward such that the procedures and policies in CCS can be objectively evaluated, not victims who bring these matters forward. Again, we encourage your emails, we do not need specific details about a concern, we can point you to a direction or public information that may provide greater assistance in the absence of CCS officials doing the right thing to provide such assistance as they should.

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