Could CCS face a Grand Jury Investigation?

The   2008-2009 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury issued a scathing report to school districts related to spending on compensation packages . Noticeably absent from the report was attention to spending incurred by school boards related to their  legal costs and  the costs associated with providing athletics to high school students . Issues that concerned the Grand Jury back in 2008 are far more prevalent in CCS finances and place significantly greater financial burdens on member schools than the issues discussed in the 2008-2009 report.

As members of CIF/CCS,  school districts are required to follow certain rules and to pay both membership fees and additional assessments .   Each year CIF and CCS costs have  escalated and the boards and committees charged with overseeing these costs have failed to keep them in check.  Legal fees, accounting fees and staff costs have continued to increase solely to defend poor practices,  policies  and potentially criminal behavior. Additionally, CIF / CCS appear to have blank checks related to their legal and professional fees which are ultimately charged back to member schools via assessments. Continuing to increase office expenses, salaries and professional costs during these unprecedented economic times is not only  fiscally irresponsible ,  it is  morally wrong and in some cases may be criminal.

In addition to the direct financial burdens   CIF/ CCS membership places on member schools  , districts also  face  indirect costs that can be imposed  when conflicts of interest are present  that cause schools to violate civil, state or federal laws. We have found substantial evidence that to be in good standing with CIF/CCS , significant conflicts of interest exist that ultimately force schools to violate laws , incur additional legal expenses and potentially  provide for  loss of public funding.

Finally,  if the structure and managment  of CIF/CCS allows for  misconduct such that sexual, psycological  or physical abuse may occur to  minor children as they pursue educatiuon and athletics, it must be addressed. CCS Watchdog has evidence that the structure and management of CCS in recent years has provided for such abuse and continues to do so.

At least three complaints are in the process of being filed with the Grand Jury in Santa Clara and Monterey Counties.   From the evidence that has been provided, CCS watchdog believes these complaints have merit and can serve a greater good if properly addressed.


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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