Could High School Sports in CCS have problems like Penn State?

Locker rooms, staff rooms and board rooms are abuzz about Penn State and many have concerns that similar issues could exist in high school sports programs here in the Central Coast Section. It is refreshing to note that public opinion seems to hold university officials and board members who failed to act just as accountable as the perpetrator. CCS officials, committee members and member school representatives should take note.

CCS Watchdog has received over 50 communications from athletes, parents and coaches who believe they have valid concerns on a number of issues related to high school sports programs or CCS itself.  Complaints range from eligibility and improper conduct of school officials to improper financial management that imposes unnecessary costs on member schools. Many of the issues have merit and could mean civil or criminal exposure for CCS officials, they most certainly mean financial exposure for schools and sports programs throughout the Central Coast Section.

CCS Watchdog has attempted to contact CCS officials on several occasions. Recently we asked for a distribution list or assurance that our concerns would be communicated to all member school representatives on the Board of Managers and various committees. However CCS has failed to answer any of our questions or point to a formal process whereby a complaint could be filed without fear of  retaliation. Since CCS officials have the most to lose, they have been noticeably  silent, invoking legal assistance to avoid our questions. We think that is wrong.

We applaud the victims from Penn State who came forward. They are brave and their bravery may change the way schools and  sports programs operate across the country.

To some, Penn State Coach Joe Paterno  is an empathetic figure; he has stated he feels sorry for the victims and he did make an effort to file a complaint with University officials. But to others it is not enough.  Was  his offer to retire  disingenuous? Did he pursue the matter as he would have if the victims had been his children or grandchildren?  Is it business as usual if he continues the season before he retires? It is time people begin to take their fiduciary and moral responsibilities more seriously when setting an example or charged with protecting our youth.   How many victims could  have been  spared if coach Paterno  had spoken  up as aggressively as he coached? How many people wouldn’t have been permanently harmed if university officials had  acted  or  allowed a process for victims to come forward rather than just protect the status quo of the sports institutions and universities?

We again state our request, we have complied a list of complaints on behalf of individuals who have contacted us. We believe CCS staff has both a moral and legal obligation to let these concerns be heard by member school representatives.  We ask CCS staff to provide an email distribution list to all Board of Manager and committee representatives within 5 business days. Failing to do so would certainly indicate CCS may have issues very similar to those evolving at Penn State.


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Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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