Is CCS afraid of the IRS, CCS Watchdog or is there something more?

Are CCS officials worried? Is there more than meets the eye with the financial and other dealings of the CCS office and staff? Is there a cover up going on before more information becomes public?

On November 1st  one of our members asked CCS staff for a distribution list and  instructions to provide information directly to the CCS  Board of Managers and the Executive Committee. In that we have compiled  information that is ultimately the fiduciary responsibility of individuals on these boards and committees, it is appropriate to ensure  that the information is properly received and delivered to each committee/board member, not buried at the CCS office by CCS staff who may be entangled in the areas of concern. The individual contact information for these individuals  is not available for public review and CCS surely must have distribution information they are simply not providing.
Are CCS officials stalling?


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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