Finding the Right Lawyer to Fight CIF or a Section for Athletic Eligibility

We have received a high volume  of requests related to eligibility. Some  are fairly  clear cut, others have merit  and some are too hard for us to properly address. Therefore we are conducting a search of attorneys who have represented clients related  to athletic  eligibility cases. We will  conduct  a survey of area lawyers in the Central  Coast Section and try to help you sift through if one may be a better fit than another for your individual case. We also have access to investigators that may help as well. We will publish general results and questions that may be helpful, but will not promote or advertise for a specific law firm.

We can help you weigh the costs and be prepared for possible outcomes before you decide to hire an attorney. We are also collecting information that may help in filing future class action lawsuits, if such cases have merit.

Last year CIF spent over $1.1 million dollars on legal fees. They have it down and have their own general counsel. Solo cases are tougher without the background and information, hopefully,  we can help you better your chances and arm you with more information if CIF or a Section has been wrongful in their actions or determination  related to a student’s athletic eligibility. We also understand member schools have huge financial risks as well and our report will include attorneys who have been successful as  advocates for member schools as well.

We believe money for schools belongs in the classroom, not the court room and it is time to get CIF and Sections on that same page!


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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