Is there bias in CCS eligibility decisions?

Athletic Eligibility is a hot topic and very personal to many families within the Central Coast Section. We get a wide range of comments, some parents fight passionately for their kids, but ultimately come to realizethat the rules do apply and they may not have eligibility options as they had hoped.

But some communications we have had with families of current and former athletes related to eligibility are more disturbing. First, we remain troubled over one person managing all schools and athletes with supreme power for 22 years. Privately many people will say the Machiavellian culture is not in the best interest of any school or athlete in the Section.  Second, consider that CCS management is charged with representing all public and private schools and all athletes in the Central Coast Section. Then consider the percentage of private schools verses public schools within the Section. The current Section Commissioner is very public about her religious affiliations and chose to send her own child to a private school. That has raised some questions we continue to investigate:

1.  Did the commissioner’s child get referees that may have made favorable calls to benefit the child’s team at the expense of  other athletes?

2. Who oversaw that appeals of competing schools and athletes were fair and neutral and that no bias was present when allowing eligibility for an athlete that may play with or against the Commissioner’s own child?

3. Doesn’t the Commissioner appoint or select most of the staff that would be involved in that decision? Do those people have  affiliations to private schools as well? Are public school athletes at a disadvantage in this Section?

4.  Did the Commissioner use her position either directly or indirectly to improve her own child’s visibility and chances of earning an opportunity to attend college while other athletes were denied those opportunities through eligibility decisions or  even in favoritism given during competitions in the Section? Would that be considered misappropriation?

5.  Who employs and pays for the referees in the Section? Who has the ultimate authority for that employment?

We have asked CIF to disclose policy and procedures for filing a complaint against a Section Commissioner or CCS staff member, no disclosure or procedure has been offered.  It appears a complaint must be  filed directly with CCS  and then evaluated and decided by CCS, thereby not genuinely  offering a “neutral” process that CIF and CCS claim to have.

We are also calling on the Board of Managers and the Executive Committee to investigate these issues further as is their  obligation and fiduciary responsibility to all member schools and athletes in the Central Coast Section.


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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