How Much CCS Money Actually Goes to Athletes?

Each year CCS representatives are elected, nominated and appointed to various committees within California’s Central Coast Section to manage the Section in the best interest of all member schools and athletes in both public
and private schools from San Francisco to King City. While most believe that CCS functions to establish rules and regulations for member schools, host championship events for athletes and ensure the integrity of all participants; few every question the management of CCS itself.

The CCS tax records note that for the tax year from 2010 to 2011 CCS collected over $84,000 from member schools in administrative fees and over $246,960 from  schools as obligated by CCS membership.  In addition, CCS
events raised $476,008 and sponsors gave $42,379 for what they believed would benefit high school athletics, but how was this money actually used?

In 2010-2011 tax records for CCS show the following:

  1. The CCS Commissioner and CCS staff members collected over $645,000 in salary, payroll taxes and retirement alone. Most  staff are part time or administrative positions, indicating the majority of the compensation went to the CCS Commissioner who has been in the position for over 22 years, the longest in CCS history.
  2. While rents across San Jose have dropped significantly in recent years, CCS has continued to incur rent increases and paid over $78,000 in 2010-11 to rent office space for the “small ” CCS staff.
  3. The CCS commissioner and staff also enjoyed benefits and additional perks including $18,000 in car allowance, $109,369 in computer equipment and $15,737 in communication equipment.
  4. Legal and accounting fees increased over 128% at the same time an independent CalPERs audit indicated that CCS had improperly paid retired employees additional consulting income , submitted late payroll 17
    times from 2007 to 2009, inaccurately reported unused sick leave, failed to properly enroll employees and dependents  in health benefits and did not accurately report their payroll to CalPERS.

Ms. Blaser’s response to the audit was “ we are a small office and do not have the resources for full or even part time HR person . As a result it is nearly impossible for us to be aware of all regulations and changes.”

Ironically, that is exactly what Ms. Blaser expects of CCS member schools and athletes. Each year schools struggle  to pay the administrative and membership fees necessary to continue to offer high school athletic programs.  In addition,  schools struggle with turnover and staffing  issues which Ms. Blaser has failed to properly address or acknowledge . Increased administrative costs and burdens as well as financial costs have increased significantly, yet CCS has done little to reduce their internal costs or expenses.  CCS Watchdog members do not believe this is financially sustainable and could  threaten athletic  programs for all schools and athletes in the Central Coast Section.

We think that spending over $645,000 for compensation of a select few and only $6, 895 for awards and $2,000 for student scholarships is wrong!

We call on this year’s Board of Managers and Executive Committee Members to do their fiduciary responsibility for all member schools and athletes. We call on them to not simply reinstate Ms. Blaser and allow her to act as
Commissioner and Treasurer. We call on them to insist CCS reduce legal,  accounting and other fees as well as reduce overall office expenses and salaries by at least 15% in this tax year. We also call on them to consider if
22 years for one individual to dominate the culture and finances  of the CCS office may be too long.  We call on them to do the right thing!


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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