Is CCS treating Public and Private Member Schools Differently?

This question has been posed in the Southern Section, and you guessed it, the Section hired a law firm to investigate the charges.  SURPRISE they found no wrong doing. We are requesting more information about that report. At least the Commissioner changed out, but maybe not for new blood.  Now the same questions are being asked here in the Central Coast Section. A few years ago many would have argued that CCS didn’t cut private schools any slack, but maybe things have changed.

Private schools already have a huge advantage over their public counterparts. They don’t have as many educational standards or legal requirements that dictate their daily activities. Private schools don’t have to manage the living conditions of their student athletes for elgibility consideration and they don’t have the funding challenges that public schools seem to face every day. On the other hand,  while public schools worry about daily attendance just to be able to pay the electrical bills, private schools do not have the security and benefits packages to lure certain teachers.

What about sports? We have received a great deal of information related to a perceived bias in CCS. We are investigating that further and invite your comments. Has Nancy Blaser turned the other way for some schools and cracked down on others? Does she promote private education during the course of her professional  obligation to all schools based on her personal beliefs?  Some evidence may be pointing to that! We invite your comments.


About ccswatchdog
Grassroots organization providing information to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of CIF's Central Coast Section.

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